About Us


It is a privilege that our invitation to Tru Color Profiles has been something you desire to be assisted with.

It is our goal to have individuals in all walks of life and all types of business and/ or groups to become aware so as to have success in dealing interactively with all personality types and variations therein.

We will strive to create a fun interactive presentation of the Color Code science prepared by Dr. Hartman.

Our customized approach to your individual business, family or group workshop will begin with a free consultation initiated by you emailing us.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and also your goals that prompted you to contact us.

Please leave your contact information below.

Click this link for your discounted full assessment : RonPrestonSHARE

After your assessment is completed we can work with you to help you use your new perspective on what really is your true self. Your true driving core motive is your true compass of your own unique approach to life. Your true personality is who you really are. Learned behaviors may be how you do things now, however you may now realize just how limiting it is for you which is why you may not feel the best about yourself in light of how your personality has been altered by outside forces beyond your control up till now.

You now have an advantage to course correct how you move forward in how you operate as your true self.

Ron Preston has owned and operated nine different businesses in a design remodeling, restoration, and retail background. Through the years of working with people, Ron is convinced this is one of the most effective tools in the personality growth science available. Ron has been working with  Color Code for over 14 years. He studies human behavior and writes for different forums and trains on a person-to-person basis. You may contact him alternately by email at: brkscc@telusplanet.net

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