Why Are Some People Intimidated By Others in Life?

I have to agree this is a deep question. It involves many factors and books can be, have been, and will always be written about this topic in a huge variety of ways. We usually refer to them as self help books. Programs for teaching are proliferous in number and to all these programs there will be no end.

With our very diverse personality differences, intimidation will always be a factor we all will deal with to a greater or lesser degree.

Our natural born personality traits along with our learned traits in lieu of the environments in which we are individually subjected to, have a large bearing on how we all interact with one another in an intimidating way or in being intimidated.

A strong personality with high self esteem, is going to be intimidating to those who have self esteem issues that attack the strength of their innate personality that still needs personal growth.

Each of us have the ability to reduce the effect of intimidation as we learn to develop better character personalities that embrace each others differences and allows, as a result room for error and proper commendation for one another.

As we all grow at different rates and some lay back not seeing the need to work on themselves, intimidation will always be a present flaw in our dealings with one another.

If we truly respect ourselves, we will really be working on our respect for others every minute of every day, thinking about what we will say, how and also the way we do what we do.

© Ron Preston

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