It is a privilege that our invitation to Tru Color Profiles has been something you desire to be assisted with.

It is our goal to have individuals in all walks of life and all types of business and/ or groups to become aware so as to have success in dealing interactively with all personality types and variations therein.

We will strive to create a fun interactive presentation of the Color Code science prepared by Dr. Hartman.

Our customized approach to your individual business, family or group workshop will begin with a free consultation initiated by you giving us a call or emailing us.

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Also, we offer you a full assessment at a discount here. We feel it is in your best interest to have your full assessment to really benefit from it and to have a better understanding of your strengths and limitations. Having your full assessment will also better equip you for understanding others around you.

Motive, Crucial For Understanding Our Behavior!

Most personality assessments measure behaviors, habits and lifestyle from the observable point of view that is easy to document.
Thus it is easy to forget as behaviors can be altered depending on circumstances.
The Color Code (People Code) by Dr. Hartman goes four levels deeper, assessing the motive behind behaviors based on four Core Motives giving deep insight into what motivates individuals behaviors.

Once we understand what our Driving Core Motive is along with how our life has shaped us then we are able to really know who we are and why we and others act as they do.

Understanding our motive will live with us for the rest of our lives much like our conscience goes with us. That is why it becomes an unforgettable experience once we identify what drives us as individuals in life is innate from our conception.

Find your Innate Driving Core Motive here.

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